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At XDC Labs, our aim is to bring the $28 Trillion Global Trade Market into the Digital Age.

XDC Labs
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About the company

At XDC Labs, our aim to bring global trade into the digital age.

Global trade generates some 4 billion documents annually. That’s half a million trees. We can do better.

The vast majority of these documents are not secure. They do little to instill confidence in cross-border trade, especially where compliance with regulations is required. We can help.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially hard-pressed to go global. They typically lack the capacity to participate in far-flung supply chains, and disproportionately lose out on trade finance as a result. We have answers.

At XDC Labs, we aspire to making global trade more prosperous for more stakeholders around the world.

The XDC Labs Difference

  • Trade Expertise
  • Industry Relationships
  • Regulatory Leadership

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